With so many voices, how do you get heard?

I am watching Charlie Rose and listening to some of the greatest talents in fashion talk about brand, advertising, and fashion. An editor at Elle magazine asserts that fashion is about ‘love, sex, identity’. Interesting. I thought it was about art.

I suppose it encompasses love, sex, and identity–absolutely–but I also think we have veered away from the goal which is to create art. In the recent wake of the tragic death of Alexander Mcqueen, I think it would be in order to revisit the art of fashion over the commercialization of fashion.

I think there was a necessary anger and rebelliousness in Mcqueen that drove his art to the heights that brought him such fame and the irony is that within days of his death Gucci was swooping in like a fat, lethal bird and buying up every share possible to have full control over his house. I have to wonder, where will the voice of dissent be when a boardroom is in control of a house whose genesis was in the suburbs of England with a keen eye and awareness of the street beyond the first row of Anna Wintour and Leon Talley?

Mcqueen was trained at St. Martin’s and Savile Row and he could cut a pattern, create a vision, and take a ‘message’ to the full extent of an artistic expression. He thought about where the image came from, in a historical context, and how it had meaning and impact in this day and age. You know he was saying something and you were incredibly honoured to hear his message.

In a world with so many voices, how do you get heard? By creating great art. I don’t care if you create fonts, or mittens, or copy for a magazine–do it with the idea your message can be, should be,  artistic. If you can’t, then don’t bother. You’ll never be heard.

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