Find your own message!

I am really struggling with the very thing I say that I can help small business’ with. Message. At first I wanted to call my new business a ‘name’ then I began to think, why? What is the purpose of it? What I am saying? What is the benefit to calling it a name versus just being myself, as in Margaret Doyle?

Identity is hard. Because it is involves commitment. Commitment to a service, to a goal,  to a brand philosophy. So do you go with a ‘personal brand’ or create a brand separate from your personal life? Brian Solis advocates we brand ourselves or someone else will. In his three part series called, The Socialization of Your Personal Brand , he posits that “Relationships are the new currency of the Social Economy as they fuel and extend interaction, insight, and loyalty, and in turn, contribute to the social capital of the individuals who actively invest in their personal branding portfolio.” (Retrieved online April 3, 2010)

When did we start talking about relationships as currency and our lives as social capital?

As soon as we started tweeting about our breakfast. There is no going back–the days of the telephone attached to the wall are utterly, and irretrievably over. Our social life is public and you had better get used to it. Oh, you don’t like twitter? You don’t like Facebook? Black magic you say? Well, I’m afraid to tell you someone you know has posted a picture of you or talked about you online and therefore you are part of the global conversation whether you like it or not. Your opinion has little to do with it.

What you can do in light of the tsunami of personal information that is released each day like a vast helium continent of cloud intel is take control of your online identity. But how?

I’m in the process of doing just that and will post as I go. I haven’t got it all figured out just yet. It’s a process. But I know I have to do. As Brian says in his series, there is an ‘art’ to lifestreaming and we can all be our own curators.


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