Beautiful stumbling

I find the best stuff when I’m just stumbling around the net. For instance, this blog by Tom Scott. All kinds of amazing things on there but the post that I read tonight contained some absolute gems. Tom writes about ‘The web as an ethical layer’. He says he always tries to include this quote in his posts, and I happen to agree that this habit is probably a good one:

The Web is designed as a universal space. Its universality is its most important facet. I spend many hours giving talks just to emphasize this point. The success of the Web stems from its universality as do most of the architectural constraints.

The shorter phrase, that supports this concept, is the democratization of information. My personal favourite. On some days, when I see a humming, thriving, pulsing, exploding entrepreneurial spirit from all walks of life, all races, from empowered micro-loaned women in third world countries, to Boomers who’ve ditched it all and are now selling cupcakes just cause it makes them happy, I feel a little giddy because despite what the news says, positive change is occurring.

And that is both a dangerous thing–for some–and a revolution for others.

Check it out, and if Tom ever wanted to sell t-shirts with that rockin’ 70’s logo with the open source mantra: ‘Let’s Share What We Know’ I would pony up and wear it proud.

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