Will Millennial women have no ceiling?

I was at a soiree last night and surrounding me were women whose careers read like a ticker tape of success–general managers, professors, consultants–and I was awestruck by the myriad of roles these women played in their lives beyond their very demanding careers. Mothers, Wives, Sisters, Daughters…Could it be that these women had it all and if so, how did they get there?

It seemed to me as I chatted about work and life and kids and schedules that these women were like those chinese plate balancing acts–and that there were indeed plates dropping and smashing the illusion of having it all. I was comforted by the fact that I heard ‘husbands’ interjected with ‘support’ in the conversation. In my world growing up, my mother held the support role so firmly that to question who would be there after school to make you homemade cocao would be simply absurd.

I was talking to my teenage son about this great group of powerful women and how they have to balance having children, their homes, their families and he said, well, why wouldn’t their partners be into supporting them? He added that staying home with children isn’t a male or female role, but rather a parent one and whoever is the breadwinner shouldn’t be defined or limited by their sex.

How will the landscape of relationships and work look when Millenials are running the show? I am thinking it will be pretty cool. I think all this ceiling busting we Gen X’ers have done just might pay off in the long run.


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