Men in the feminine product aisle

I was watching that tampon ad recently, the one where the tampon company is trying to make a pseudo-documentary style plug (no pun intended–actually, that’s a lie), and they have a woman standing outside a store and asking men if they’ll go inside to purchase some tampons for her? Men, as predicted, say no way! and look at her like she’s nuts. It also makes men look really bad.

I do like that they are addressing a taboo that apparently still exists: Men in the feminine product aisle.

When I was an undergrad studying theatre, I fell in love with a Masters student who I thought was the cat’s meow and for a brief summer we inhabited a broken down bachelor suite and raced from the beach to our summer theatre show and back for a blissful two months. One night, I got my period and had the worst cramps of my life (little did I know what was coming in my 30’s, but that is another story) and struggled for a while as to whether I could ask this beautiful person if he would go to the store for me? In my world growing up, there would have been a Greek chorus of ‘are you ‘effing mental?’ in answer to that question but I gambled and he said, ‘of course’, jumped on his bike and went to the feminine product aisle for me in my hour of need.

Maybe it was because it was my first love, or maybe it was just the realization that there existed  a man who wouldn’t be browbeaten out of the feminine aisle by society telling him he was somehow ‘unmanly’ for having a box of tampons in his hand, but the tampon buying issue has been a sort of litmus test for all my relationships since.

The thing those guys in the video aren’t getting is that it is sexy as hell when a guy buys feminine products for his lady. They should be strutting like roosters down that aisle! They should be crowing and swaggering, proud and smug, and cock of the walk in that aisle! Because it takes balls to do it, it takes big cajonas to stare down a teller holding tampons, Midol, lady razors, and a few chick mags and guys who are secure don’t actually give a wit–and that kind of attitude is what will win a woman’s heart folks.

So when Mr. W. conferred recently with ladies in a drugstore on the best type of makeup remover wipes were (to have on hand when I’m a house guest of course) I was thrilled to imagine this very manly person, holding delicate boxes and bottles, with a sign above him reading ‘Feminine products’.

Better than flowers any day.

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