Remind yourself: I chose this

Sometimes as I am whirling around through life, absently checking my iPhone, tumbling through lists of to-do’s, sidestepping laundry on my way, I start to complain. I say, this sucks. Hard. This freezing wind that smushes my hair into my freshly applied lip gloss; the way my car lurches in first gear, threatening to end its own wretched life; the words that jam up inside me like a thousand birds just fluttering to get out; or the way my son rolls his eyes at me as I forget, once again, to make a hair appointment for him. All suck.

My shoulders slump forward, burdened by my own inadequacy to change the wind, the words, the needs that roll over me, flattening me in my own tracks that were meant to be light, and purposeful and wearing a new pair of shoes.

But I am forgetting something important:

As soon as you say this, you feel better. I am choosing everything, each moment and maybe it’s not perfect, this moment, but it’s mine.

And I am seriously thankful to have it.

*for my US friends and family, Happy Thanksgiving!


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2 responses to “Remind yourself: I chose this

  1. Monica

    Happy Thanksgiving my little Canadian sister. I try to live one day at a time, every day – and it helps to be in the spirit of gratitude the whole year. Thank you for being such a wonderful writer and spreading words of insight to all who will pause to read and hear. Love, Monica

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