Snap out of it!

Well, that’s it. Sugar cookies given away. Pop dumped out. Chips tossed. Fridge devoid of alcohol….now what? In 2010 I lost a bit of weight, but really more importantly, made exercising a habit. It took a long time, and it was hard, but the benefits as you know are immense. For me the big benefit was that my self-esteem skyrocketed. There is no greater feeling than self-love, and not in a narccisistic way but in the feeling of being kind to yourself and feeling like you really put 100% into your life and your best foot forward.

This year I want to explore diet and nutrition. I’m not going to lie, this aging thing has me spooked. It’s creepy the way you get crepey. It also sucks large. But within me is a bit of my Dad’s feisty fighter spirit so I’m not going to age gracefully, demurely accepting things falling apart as though it’s a natural state to look like an old granny by the time you hit 45. Not this girl.

I am going to investigate some traditional and not so traditional ways to bolster the immune system. I’m going to be getting a complete Ayurvedic run-down on the state of my health at Sapphire spa where you can get a thorough analysis of your diet, lifestyle, and emotional self and get recommendations on what your underlying issues might be and how to fix them with a variety of diet and lifestyle changes.

I also plan to de-stress regularly. I tend to be a worry-wort. Did you know that when the word ‘worry’ first appeared in Old English, it meant, not “to fret,” but “to strangle”? That puts it in a nice context doesn’t it? I realized if I were to really free up my writing voice, I had to stop strangling it first. To that end, I am not going to ‘worry’ about what editor’s think and just submit my pithy thoughts all over hells half-acre, and to hell with the rejection notes. I also think regular massage will help with ridding myself of the worry habit and I hear the West Coast College of Massage has awesome students with great rates.

The old adage, we are what we eat, is a cliché everyone is tired of hearing but…it is so very true. There is a lot of diabetes in my family and I am in mortal fear of getting it so this year I am going to expand my cooking skills, broaden my knowledge of vegetarian menus, and incorporate my new Ayurvedic profile into what I ingest on a daily basis. I am also going to get disciplined about supplements. I hate swallowing pills, especially those honking huge multi’s that make you feel like you just popped an entire Herring in your mouth, but it must be done. With discipline. Every day.

One practice that I started and will continue is to read Zen Habits. This is one guy who is singing his song from his destined song sheet and I greatly admire him for it. My dream of being self-sufficient, with no ‘boss’ other than a handful of editors, is constantly stoked by Leo Babauta, and his amazing blog. For a mind like mine, he is a much-needed poultice that I embrace often and will continue to. I recommend subscribing to him for inspiration this year.

I have some more personal intentions, to do with trust, and vulnerability, but these will evolve into stories and posts I am sure as I go through the year. What are your self-improvement plans for 2011? If you have any tips, I am all ears.


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2 responses to “Snap out of it!

  1. Monica

    Come on down to San Diego and let’s spend a week at the Optimum Health Institute. I have been there twice and it is a spartan but extremely great way to cleanse yourself and kick start a healthy new lifestyle. I am a Pita dosha, so suspect you are too. We could always go to the Kerala region in India and spend a week of yoga of ayurvedic treatments too! aaaaaahhhhhh, now where did I put my winning lottery ticket anyways?

    • Ohhh I would LOVE to go to India! Need uhm a new job maybe? Or a book contract.:) Working on it! I’ll envision coming to the institute, sounds like just the perfect place to de-tox mind and body.

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