Follow the mother ship

I can’t remember what year it is, maybe 2004? and my life was sort of falling apart on me at the time and I saw an Oprah clip where she said, ‘you know, you have to imagine that your destiny is like the mother ship and while you may be in a dinghy on stormy waters, just keep looking ahead for the mother ship and paddle like mad towards it.’ For some reason, that analogy has always stuck with me and I’ve been paddling pretty hard every since.

But last night, in a moonlit room at 2 am, I realized with no small degree of excitement, that the mother ship is right in front of me now. Right there. A rope’s throw away. Wow. All that paddling has paid off I guess. I didn’t sleep much but it doesn’t matter.

When you can equate months to reaching your ship versus years, that is something to jump around your living room about. I guess it’s what they say alignment is, that feeling where what you have always wanted to do meets your skills and the opportunity to make it happen.

Stay tuned.

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