Surrounded by Water

I was in San Fran this week at the international Storyworld conference. I’m not sure how I feel yet about leaving that storyworld. I really liked it there. I was with people that spoke, talked, and behaved as I do. I didn’t feel separate from or different or that I was speaking in a language no one understood. No one looked at me weirdly when I said ‘can I take an instagram of you doing that?’ It was YES! Of course! No one balked as I listened to the panel speakers, talked to those at my table, and tweeted all at the same time, while filming video and taking photos from the palm of my hand.

My tribe is hardwired for story. I miss my tribe.

So, I am going to curate some of my story content from that experience and post it over on my biz blog today so cannot spend too much time crafting a wonderful, spirited piece on this channel today because I’m not feeling it.

Feel free to send me care packages. This storyteller is surrounded by water.



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