To tell or not to tell

I recently have heard from family and friends an interesting argument around gifts and Christmas. I was surprised at the vitriolic fervour with which folks responded to my simple question: do you prefer buying gifts for people based on your own feelings about that person or do you prefer, and indeed rely upon, people telling you what they want?

Some of my family uses Giftie Giftie while others would balk and spew at such a thing. So, I thought to put out a poll about it. Fill it in and I’ll post the results!


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4 responses to “To tell or not to tell

  1. I voted, but I’d go for another category if we’re talking Christmas gifts: no gifts at all. Imagine all the time we’d have to just be with the people we are spending ridiculous amounts of time and money on shopping for things, more things that they probably don’t need or want.

    And then I could buy you that drink Mags and we could have a nice long chat. 😉

  2. i enjoy giving the people in my life gifts regardless of the holiday pressure. (i also enjoy drinking.) But i think the whole buying frenzy that happens around Xmas is frivolous, and if i could i’d adopt an elephant or a bengal tiger or a whale or save all my pennies to give to a battered women’s shelter. We need to change how we collectively think about the “spirit of Christmas” because it should really be about sharing what we have, and that does not necessarily need to translate into giving & receiving gifts.

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