Air-born in 2012

It isn’t easy to escape your life I thought to myself as I pulled the covers over my head yesterday and tried to hide. Then I realized it wasn’t my life I wanted to escape. I actually wanted to step into my life more fully. What I was doing was shedding an old skin that no longer fit me.


That’s what you are with brand new skin and no hide.

Vulnerability. The very thing I’d worked tirelessly to avoid being.

Now. Deep, deep breaths. Wind in my hair. A little vertigo as I look down. My toes on the edge of a 40 story building about to swan dive from my old life. The phrase ‘on a hope and a prayer’ comes to mind.

What choice do you have when your old life, your old skin, no longer serves you but holds you back, tied like apron strings to a way of being in the world you no longer recognize as ‘you’?

Cut them.


Send me lots of your prayers for 2012. I know they’ll help me fly.


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2 responses to “Air-born in 2012

  1. I’m with you, Mags. My favourite poem is Sweet Darkness by David Whyte. The last lines seem to speak to your impending flight:
    Anything or anyone that does not bring
    you alive is too small for you.
    Bon voyage!

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