Resolutions suck.

Resolutions always make me feel like I’m wearing too tight a shirt and I’m sitting in detention. I am pretty sure I’m not alone in this. So to hell with resolutions and their should-ness. Instead, I’m going to re-frame it and say what I learned in 2011 and what I’d like to learn in 2012.

Ten things I learned in 2011:

1. I breathe easier in wide open spaces.

2. Italian made shoes feel like heaven and make you look like a princess.

3. A transmedia relationship isn’t fiction.

4. I’m hardwired for entrepreneurship.

5. Storytelling isn’t just fables in kindergarten; it’s our global emotional transportation.

6. Writing fiction is my new-found bliss I have to attend to in order to be happy.

7. Loving the Canucks can go too far.

8. True love at first sight happens. Really.

9. Digital sharing sucks when it gets competitive. Share to share. Full stop.

10. I love teaching.

10 Things I want to learn in 2012:

1. The deep web, the metrics and analysis of why and how we interact with content.

2. German.

3. How to cook Thai food.

4. How to survive and thrive from my own creativity.

5. How to publish a transmedia novel.

6. Be less reactive and more thoughtful.

7. Host a live story show.

8. Develop meaningful content for clients.

9. Teach meaningful content for students.

10. Love better.


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3 responses to “Resolutions suck.

  1. What a lovely post. I feel the same way on the numbers 1, 2,4 and 8 on things you have learned and I LOVE and want to do numbers 2, 3 and 5 on your last list. Here’s a tip for you on the ‘Love better’ one. As long as you work at it every day… You will be better..brilliant even – Happy New Year to you !

    • Mona, thank you so much for your comment. Well, if we have this much in common we need wine. Seriously. German, Italian shoes, transmedia? Are you kidding me? I’ll tweet you right now. By the way, thanks for reading my blog in 2011!

  2. “Global Emotional Transportation” Fantastic!

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