Scar tissue, an ukulele, and the meaning of a sexy heart

Lately I’ve been listening like crazy to Eddie Vedder’s ukulele album. It’s just him, his deep sexy gorgeous soul crushing sensual storytelling voice and a ukulele. And his words of course. Oh, how he writes to the heart of things, completely baring his fragility.

Wait, I need to get a fan.

What men don’t realize is when they are in the place of fragility, of tenderness, of vulnerable, they’re also capable of being their sexiest. It’s an old paradigm this bullshit I have to be a ‘man’ ideal. Women (okay, some women) have bigger bank accounts, drive faster cars, crush opponents in board rooms, raise children alone, buy their own houses, travel the world, create million dollar start-ups so why in god’s name would we need a man to keep holding up this old stereotype of strength?

I have enough strength for a military campaign. I don’t need some stoic face to greet me in moments of strife. I need a human being. As equally frail, as equally scarred, with fault lines that run as deep as mine for, after all, aren’t we grownups now?

What I am interested in is the story that lies under the role any of us is playing to the world. What is the real story in your fragile heart? What is it longing for? And won’t you tell it to me? I suppose this takes some courage. Isn’t that manly? To have no fear in your own truth? Hell yeah.

Here’s Eddie in all his beautiful humanness being a man, with a ukulele, some poetry, and a longing heart :

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