Love You to Bitts!

Everyone should be required to see Burlesque. Why? Because it is how women should be enjoyed. Oh stop all you who are getting their backs up right now–ask yourself, how good do you feel naked in a room of people you’ve never met? Then get back to me.

Because Miss Rosie Bitts feels flipping fantastic and you can tell, from her delicate, nuanced fingertips to her swirling pasties to her sweet little knees and jaw dropping fanny. She isn’t perfect. By any stretch. She doesn’t fit into society’s current image of beauty–skeletal, emaciated, hungry. She has glowing white soft-as-petals looking skin, an ample, luscious, bodacious bottom, and a sensual contoured tummy with perfectly rounded size B breasts. No double D, no fake tan, no visible signs of a body tortured at the gym.

She sang and danced and flirted and owned that room.

My favourite part of the show was a moment as she exited, when she stopped by a full table  and gently grabbed her own bottom right cheek, gave it a good shake, something as women we are loathe to ever do, and then she squeezed it, lifting it up like it was a banquet of gorgeous delights. It wasn’t hard and taut, it was soft, pliable, kissable. She then winked and gave a delighted giggle and disappeared backstage.

I smiled, thinking, now there is a woman who owns her body and loves being in it.

As women, we’re schooled that if you want to be a feminist somehow you have to look the part, just as surely if you want to be sexy you have to look the part. Why can’t we be both, and just be ourselves?

I think of all the men who’ve told me I could lose a few pounds, offered me ‘helpful’ fitness advice, mentioned my love handles and not in a loving way and think back on my own complicity in that vicious beauty cycle, and now wonder why I wasted so much time giving a shit about whether my ass was right for the relationship. The relationship clearly wasn’t right for my ass.

Instead of trying to fit into a certain size to be accepted or despairing my pear-shaped body, I felt free when I watched Rosie, as she sashayed with a charm and sensuality that would  stop a locomotive, I realized she had a beautiful pear-shaped body and unlike me, owned it like it she was Helen of Troy.

Rosie Bitts is like a PSA for self-esteem. She makes you love yourself. She makes you want to get up and shake your bits like they’re gorgeous. ‘Cause they are. I want to say thanks Rosie for awakening my inner burlesque.

Now, I just need to find me some pasties in this town…

I snuck a picture with Rosie and her feather fans--would have loved to have taken more photos but Rosie should really be enjoyed in the moment!

If you want to learn more about Rosie, see a show, or take a class–yes, she helps women love their ‘jiggly bits’–check her website out.


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6 responses to “Love You to Bitts!

  1. Thanks for this Mags! Another friend of mine has taken a class from Miss Rosie so now colour me quite curious to engage in her jiggly bits. A great reminder that feeling beautiful is truly beauty incarnate.

  2. Thank you again Margaret for you beautiful blog! Im so glad you enjoyed the show.

    I truly believe that every body is perfect, beautiful and divine. Sexiness is a state of being and has very little to do with outward appearance.

    My goal is to great a space of love and acceptance for every person I perform for. Being entertaining and titillating is also high on the list 😉

    If you would like to learn to do what I do (Hello Tassel Twirling) or just want to feel more comfortable in your own skin, my next Learn to Love Your Jiggly Bitts~ Burlesque Basics Intensive is on May 5.

  3. I am sending you pasties and coming to visit. This is the best review of ‘anything’ I have ever read and now, I am it sure how I can ‘not’ come see this show. You have the most beautiful way of capturing the moment and how lucky for us all that there is a lady named Rosie Bitts who loves every bit of herself. xx

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