One Lovely blog award, what Jack and Ashton know, and the pleasure of ageless dating

I was nominated by a lovely blogger by the name of Ted DesMaisons (read now, follow, be inspired) and this experience is entirely new to me but apparently I’m now to say 7 things about myself and suggest some bloggers for you to check out, which is in fact, the best part of this little award. Thank you Ted!

7 random things about me:

1. I prefer old, rickety wood roller coasters.

2. I find it hard to leave a hotel room once I’m in it.

3. A good dinner companion is one who is as interesting during the appetizer as they are at dessert.

4. I believe if theatre keeps dying city by city we’re really, as in *really*, going to be in trouble.

5. I jumped off my roof when I was 4 anticipating that Michael the Archangel would show up. He did not.

6. I wrote 72 haiku’s for a haiku assignment in grade 2; Mrs. Sutherland said gently, this is wonderful dear, but do you mind if I only choose only one for the haiku board?

7. I never dreamt of a white picket fence; I dreamt of a closet full of fashion dreams that I could step into every day. I still do. Dream. Of that closet. One day.

Great people, great blogs, just click on them and dive into their world:

Sarah Petrescu  writer, journalist

RadJuli entrepreneur, creator, leather designer

Tess Wixted amazing writer, editor, all around inspiring woman

Brevity Non-Fiction blog Just good to follow forever if you are a non-fiction writer

MaryLou Wakefield Story That Matters  A favourite storyteller of mine, also, a story hunter, writer

Solitary Wanderer great solo travel blog

Granace Doré Genuis fashion/life blogger. J’adore!

The Sartorialist This is Granace’s partner, and wonderful inspiring photography blog

Vancouver Writing Jobs Heidi rocks, she is my local hero.

So, I had a post planned but it will get too long and onerous if I tack it onto this one but I just have to say a few words about a link that somehow slithered across my Hootsuite at one point this week and made me pause. It was written by Kevin Williamson and is titled ‘Like a Boss‘. I supposed I clicked on it thinking it was some entrepreneurial advice. Wow! No, nope, nada, that is certainly not what it is. Please don’t blame me if you feel like you just got punched in the face when you read it. I was really surprised to only see 23 comments on this blog. Actually, that is hopeful–people obviously realized how demented it was and moved on. The part I find a bit head-scratching is when he says: “The Demi Moore–Ashton Kutcher model is an exception–the only 40-year-old woman Jack Nicholson has ever seen naked is Kathy Bates…Age is cruel to women, and subordination is cruel to men.”

I can tell you that the Demi-Ashton thing is not only pretty common, it will get more so as women marry less, have fewer children, invest well, and build business’ that support their lifestyles. Poor Kevin. He’s obviously never had the luxury as a young man of being with an older woman. And also, for the record, Jack has seen lots of 40 year old’s in bed–Diane Keaton as just one example, they’re very good neighbours apparently. Wink, wink. I imagine Jack is enlightened enough to look for someone he can spend an evening with both intellectually and physically which may come as a surprise to Kevin that it is even possible with the other sex.

Wait, I have to pause to make some home-made jam, iron my man’s socks, and count money.

Age is not just cruel to women I’m afraid dear Kevin. It’s terribly cruel to men too. Gray ear hair, fading testosterone, Andropause, sagging bits, distended bellies, long eyebrow hair, softly wrinkled under eye bags, silver back hair, you get the picture. And subordination is very fun for some men, except for those that have small, er, egos, then those types really get their back up over a powerful woman doing well, anything. Kevin Williamson, you need to settle down, we democratic women-folk aren’t going to hog-tie you at a woman’s centre! Sheesh.

Or on second thought, maybe we should, just for kicks.

I recently had a date with a young man and I can assure you he did not feel the same way as this writer about older women, in fact, quite the opposite. It is so refreshing to embrace as much of your strength as you want when you are with a younger man; why this appeals is because they realize it isn’t about their ‘subjugation’, it’s about playing with the entire deck of cards versus just the ones marked ‘misogynist’, ‘narrow-minded’, ‘rigid’, and ‘controlling’. I think the irony in Kevin’s comment on ‘what women want’ is that Jack and Ashton are entirely the same kind of guy in that they have sought out women who made them feel powerful and loved and passionate. Age is never a barometer of success but intelligence is. Classy men beget classy women and no age difference need be mentioned.

I for sure am keeping mum about it.


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3 responses to “One Lovely blog award, what Jack and Ashton know, and the pleasure of ageless dating

  1. Mags, first of all, a grand congratulations on your nomination for One Lovely Blog Award. Such a good fit. Second, I’m humbled by your nomination of my blog! Thank you for your belief in me and my words. Here’s to more of them, for both of us.

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