Story Mania

I write stories. I speak stories. I capture stories. I dream of stories. I wake up and search for stories online. I go to bed reading stories about people’s dinners, their hotel stays, their annoying pets on Instagram; I discover and ‘like’ pictures of photos by young artists around the world on Pinterest, comment on Facebook stories by clients, write manuals on how to tell stories,  track client stories on social media, upload pictures to Tumblr, link stories to ScoopIt, bookmark stories for telling.  I print off storyboards, do photo shoots of characters, work on  Transmedia drama, text stories from a character’s head, discuss on Skype with my web designer exactly how we are going to accommodate ridiculous Transmedia story forms?, and somewhere in between all of that I’m telling and living my own story.

My life is total story mania right now.

On Wednesday, I fly down to attend Storyworld. I’m staying at one of the most famous hotels in California and I cannot WAIT to take my character, Mrs. Everett, there as a virtual guest. Indeed, I have forgotten entirely what it is to live just as me in real-life anymore. Who cares? This is way more fun.

So, maybe this is my way of saying I’m sorry to be late in posting to my personal blog of which you are a lovely reader and I am deeply grateful for your patience as I run around with other people. You and I both know we have a special, exclusive, blog only relationship together that I’ll never leave so we’re good right? Right?

I’ll have some wicked stories to tell soon from Hollywood. Who knows what Mrs. Everett will get up to. Stay tuned for more…stories.


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6 responses to “Story Mania

  1. I thought for one terrible moment that sign said “Hotel Rosslyn”, in which case I was going to say you were about to be sadly disappointed! (If you are not familiar with LA, the Rosslyn is the up-scale crackheads domicile of choice when they visiting Skid Row in LA)

  2. Mags, I’m very secure in our blog relationship. Have a delicious time with Mrs. Everett and all those stories.

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