When things go sideways, just go with it

On Friday I had to present to a ballroom full of people in my industry, 109 visitor centres from BC, who were there to hear me talk about destination storytelling. The one thing you never, ever want to hear right before you have to give a presentation is this: “I’m afraid there’s an unknown glitch that I cannot figure out so you’ll have to present without your speaker notes.” After rehearsing for dozens of hours with speaker notes, it was a shock to hear I would now, in front of hundreds of people, have to wing it.

For also an unknown reason, I had gone out the night before and bought printer ink to ensure I had enough to print off the 60 plus slides and put them in my computer bag. Many of the slide notes were too tiny to see but thankfully, I did have something to use while I gave the presentation.

The fact is, my theatre training never fails me. I am ever grateful for my theatre degree and the many years I spent learning the art form and working at many different theatres honing my craft, which allowed me to be able to react and think in a live storytelling situation with grace and calm. Even under the difficult circumstances, I would say that I am still happier in a live setting under pressure than I am any day sitting in a dreaded office chair. I usually hate the preparation for a presentation but having an audience is what theatre practitioners live for and I miss the tension and nerve-shattering pressure of opening night and the backstage panic of lost props, drunk actors, missed cues, and audience revolt.

That is why I’m so happy to be working on my first Transmedia play with my writing partner. We’re going to launch it in 2013 and it’s going to be epic. It’s going to break ground in an unrealized art form that will combine digital experience and live theatre. Because I miss the theatre. As in every day. And I think media is becoming more and more peformatory and I’ll be exploring how to bring this into my consulting with clients as well. I think there’s so much yet to be developed with regards to destination marketing using Transmedia. So, it’s lifted my mood just to think that I can get back to what I love best this year.

Today though, I’m taking my first complete day off since the beginning of March. I’m going to putz around as my mom used to say, catch up on some chores, and then go and escape into a dark movie theatre to see Argo. I love my work, but it’s nice to have my life back again for a little while. I hope those of you reading this also get to putz around this weekend and just be in your life. Sometimes simple living is where the inspiration is right?


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6 responses to “When things go sideways, just go with it

  1. Doug Brown

    Putzing off to Vangroovy as I read this…to watch a movie! Enjoy your downtime and nice work handling the curveball.

  2. omg that sounds like a nightmare! good you, a girl is always prepared!

  3. Well done! And yes, I’ve had a bit of putz time in this long weekend. Looking forward to seeing you this week for more social media excursions.

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