In Full Bloom

A friend recently asked me, ‘What should I do?’ about a particular relationship challenge and I said, just step into it fully and speak your truth. It sounded like an Oprah quote. Maybe it is. Maybe women’s magazines have truly sunk into my lexicon. But nevertheless, it’s still good advice.

I haven’t taken it myself though.

I’ve been guilty of withholding. Of avoidance. Of obfuscation. Denial. Plain lying.

We all do it.

Stepping into your truth takes cojones.

Like stepping over a cliff but instead of falling, you break open and discover things about yourself that are sometimes the most painful to know but that’s because it’s where the truth was hiding.

As a writer, it’s impossible not to look underneath the surface, turn every stone over, kick every tire. Eventually we circle around our own story until our hearts and memories become the garden we weed, prune, re-plant, and nurture. We were meant to be there all along but sometimes we lose our way.

I guess that is one of life’s purposes: To discover the way back to our true self so we can be found in full bloom.


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2 responses to “In Full Bloom

  1. Splendid, dear Mags! Having had a day of turning over stones and trying to find my words for planting, your post was a joyful reminder of our work as writers, and to just keeping tending our creative gardens.

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