Get Me Out Of The Cheap Shoe Aisle

I am teaching how to ‘do’ social media for 8 hours a day, three days in a row and I can’t bear to face the screen tonight so I’m making this as brief as I can get away with. I had lovely students but my eyes are crossing from looking at the computer.

The fact is, I have been wondering, in the midst of all of the content I create, the meaning of it all. Yes, that’s right, the meaning of it all. I’ve tweeted myself into a corner as it were. I’m now teaching people how to navigate the mysterious world of digital communications and the more I do, the less I am creating myself. In a meaningful way at least. Because, apparently, if I resonate on a certain vibration I can do what I love and make money. Everywhere I turn, some well-meaning life coach (who, incidentally as a demographic–40’s, skinny, into yoga, and Danielle Laporte– use social media like crack addicts) tells me I should live a life of meaning.

My shoulders are really slumping as I write this. I’ve lost my rudder lately or is it wind in my sails? Don’t these go together? Because I am not in fact sure what, exactly, is the meaning of it all? Was I meant to talk about Twitter as my life’s calling?

Then I saw this video and I remembered that I wanted to create meaningful ART and INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES. The problem is I’ve gone really, really far off track. I have no idea how to get back but know I must. I will. I was on the right course but at some point I let some man, responsibility, or sense of ‘should’ tear me off my course like a bad shopping trip where you end up in Walmart having an anxiety attack because you are so far down the row of cheap shoes that you have lost site of the exit. Your life becomes a ratty size 6 reduced down from $5.99.

Then I remembered one of my heroes, Marina Abramović when my friend Anne-Marie shared this on her Facebook page (okay, Facebook, you redeemed yourself for a minute) and voila! I wept, I was inspired, I felt the wind again. I hope you do too.

Do it now, whatever brings meaning, passion, and power to your life.

(This is the story of Marina and Ulay, both performance artists who were together for a very long time then, when they felt their relationship was over, the both walked the Great Wall of China, met in the middle, and kissed one last time and departed from one another. In this scene, during her MoMA show, The Artist is Present, Ulay pays her a surprise visit. On the way to sit with her, you’ll see him pass by a van. The van was where they lived together in the 70’s practicing their art as a collective team.)



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