Why Create

I created this WHY CREATE section for my blog as a space to talk about art, and in particular the process of creating art–the why inside the minds of creators, their stories along the way, the challenges, the sorrow, the ecstatic joy, the selfishness, the sharing, the freedom of expression in all its feral guts and glory. Why I create, why you create. Let’s explore together.


Sometimes, you need to make money. Sometimes art and commerce can co-exist. In this video series, Garance Dore explores how big brands nurture their creatives within.

One of my heroes is Marina Abramović. Marina is a powerful artist who uses her body in performance to explore themes that can be challenging (which is her point) and works in that interesting space between the live performance and the relationship with the audience. In this film, she discusses her reasons for creating her institute, Marina Abramović Foundation for the Preservation of Performance Art. I am thrilled she is doing this and that there may be a younger generation who can learn from her and truly understand the higher purpose of why we create.


I like this little interview with Lana Del Ray, she says some wise things about art, life, love.

Check out this great keynote from the XOXO festival from Dan Harmon on the internet, creativity and why people are the most important thing. Worth a sit down with a cup of coffee.

If you are an artist or love art, this video is a must watch. Awesome doesn’t describe it.


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