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Scan 5


Let me tell you how I felt

how I felt when you used to talk

about the Prairies & your busy hands

paused and your eyes went somewhere else–

to the open sky it was always the endless open sky

there in your face–a beloved thing,

a Prairie prayer like a fragile origami

you had folded deep within your heart.


It called to you and so it called to me

and yet–

we were surrounded by fences that went on forever

ordered behind you like a legion

my brothers the laundry the bills

the Catholic Charity League the slowing heart of

my father the sounds of dishes and diapers and laundry

row upon row upon row.


I wanted to run away with you

into the wide open blue our hands out behind us

as our heads leaned toward the harvest the rolling

land for as far as we could run

for as long as we could live.


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Finally, some time with my city!

After leaving my government job, moving my son and I off Vancouver Island, starting a business, and maniacally working for a solid 10 months, it has been wonderful to loosen up a little lately on the hard-core business schedule to focus on my own art, friends, and getting out and about in my beloved city that I’ve missed so much. Here are a few pictures of my wanderings (I thought to give you some visuals after noticing how long my blog posts have been lately, oops).

I gave a workshop at the Four Seasons for a client and had a fab time there. I love the 60’s vibe that you can find in some of the details in the rooms and hallways. She needs a refresher that darling hotel but I love her anyway. I stopped in at Blo, the hair salon in the Four Seasons just to show my students how to story capture and voila, they did my hair for me. Kind of funny to have your hair done during a workshop but hey, why not? (Note: if you click on the photos it will expand into a full-size gallery you can scroll through.)

I love nothing more then finally, finally having a chance to get downtown and walk around a bit. Here’s just a few shots from my wanderings . If you are ever around the Art Gallery be sure to tuck in on a rainy day and have lunch at the cafe there. When I go there I say to myself: this is why I moved here, the noise, the clamour, the well-dressed ladies, the businessmen lunching in suits that smell…so so good, the artists, all mingling and watching the rain drip down outside.

I went out to Facefest, an annual music cornucopia of bands that has been going on for 17 years in Vancouver. My brother Alan played for the first time without his band and it was really so wonderful to see and be amongst old friends. It may have been well over a decade, but being back and seeing my friends (and family) play again in Vancouver just makes me thankful I get to live here.

Last but not least, after closing a long project for a client and submitting an invoice, I decided to reward myself with a long afternoon in a Parisian cafe. Since I could not go to Paris (mime crying), I opted for Le Parisien on Denman street. I took a good friend and we talked all afternoon, ate nothing that wasn’t a gazillion calories and drank wine. The rain poured outside, everyone left to go back to work, and we dawdled on and on and on. It was lovely and a perfect way to stop work and immerse myself back into life. J’adore Le Parisien!

Lastly, I have an admission to make. With all my focus on work, some things got abandoned over the past few months. I have tried to resuscitate this poor tree but sadly, I think it’s a goner…If anyone has any tips on bringing it back to life do let me know. Please don’t judge me you green thumb types, my cat is still alive, that’s good right? Right?

If you've ever started your own business you will smile at this--this is my tree that has died because of my neglect. Luckily, it's Christmas time so I'll throw it out and just put in a Christmas tree and no one will know my shameful neglect.

If you’ve ever started your own business you will smile at this–this is my tree that has died because of my neglect. Luckily, it’s Christmas time so I’ll throw it out and just put in a Christmas tree and no one will know my shameful neglect.


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