I am a communicator, on as many platforms as I can master, and am always looking to watch, listen, or participate in a story. By far my favourite way to reach out is in the written word: my love of writing trumps all else, though talking around a table with good wine and smart people comes a close second.

With nine older brothers, I truly experienced the school of hard knocks as a small, female child scrabbling to hang on to her dessert at dinner time or demonstrating her indestructibility whilst encased in a snowball careening down West 11th towards the roiling intersection of 10th and Alma in Vancouver. From this slightly warped upbringing came innate leadership and presentation skills that have been carefully nurtured in my adult life through my education and professional experiences. On this site you’ll find memoir writing, poetry, video, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, and essay form and who knows what else–I’m always trying new things in my writing so thanks for staying open-minded as you read.

Storytelling is a sort of basso continuoso to my life, and what I always default to in any given situation. This blog is my personal blog so stories of all shapes and sizes will crop up in all kinds of mediums. During the day, you can find me working as a consultant for incredible companies uncovering their story, and their customer’s stories–this is my passion and what keeps me up at night along with the noisy seagulls that seem to lurk around my window at all hours.

My business website has lots of info on Transmedia marketing, branding, story design, story capture and content strategy, but most importantly, telling your story in a compelling, engaging way to your community. Forget traditional broadcast media, visit www.whatisyourstory.ca.  Let’s have a conversation on how I can help your organization tell your company story with passion, skill, and authenticity on multiple-platforms through rich media and social channels with a consistent narrative .

Live the story, share the story.

Psst…If you like visual stories, check out my Pinterest page!

*Photo courtesy of Vivian Kereki, www.viviankereki.com Hire her! She’s awesome!


7 responses to “About

  1. Nice to know you & glad to have stumbled upon you! 🙂

  2. Cool website. You offer a great service.

  3. Finally sat down to visit your website, and read about Prue’s adventure.
    Can see that I will be spending some time here with you. Love your blog and Mrs. Everett’s travels. You have me excited about social media and am looking forward to spending a day with you at the Social Media for Business course at RRU next month!

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